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Important message for 66873 users of your site
Attention to all forum participants harlforum.com : Check out this information now!

Very often scammers advertise medications that can be harmful to health.

These are medicines that are not registered in any medical reference book. Such drugs do not have a quality certificate. Customer reviews of the effectiveness of these drugs are written to attract customers.
For example, many advertise weight loss drugs that promise to reduce weight by 13 kilograms in 23 days. Or cure hypertension in 4 weeks.

Be careful when visiting these sites and never buy the products they advertise (pills for men's health, to normalize blood sugar levels, to treat alcoholism and tobacco addiction, to increase penis size, to restore vision, to cleanse the body of parasites and worms)!
Here's an example of a counterfeit website:

<a href=http://agro-arca.com.hr>53rdand6th.com</a>

That sells such a harmful drug:

<a href=http://pvc-al.ro>NICOZERO</a>

For example, this site

may display advertisements for drugs for the treatment of Covid-19. Modern science has not yet been able to invent a medicine that can cure the infection spread by the coronavirus.

This information has already been published on the most famous forums in the world: Important message for 74244 users of your site a03d8d3

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