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Idukki Beautiful place in kerala
Idukki is situated at the top of Western Ghats surrounded by mountains. The Asia's first and the world's second great arch dam is in Idukki. This arch dam built across the Kuravan Kurathi mountain is wonderful and beyond description. Attached to this dam of 650 feet length and 550 feet height, two other dams are also there in Kulmavu and Cherunthony.
This beautiful high range district of Kerala is geographically known for its mountainous hills and dense forests. The district headquarters of Idukki is located at Kuyilimala in Painavu.A land-locked district, Idukki is one of the most nature rich areas of Kerala.
The name Idukki has been derived from the Malayalam word 'idukku' meaning narrow gorge. Blessed generously by Mother Nature, Idukki offers diverse attractions like wild life sanctuaries, hill stations, spice plantation centers and mountain treks .
It is one of the districts in the state which has a number of wild life sanctuaries and offers abundant scope for promotion of eco tourism if infrastructure facilities and proper promotional activities are provided. It is also famed for its spice production, tea plantations and rubber cultivation. Idukki also boasts of having the highest arch dam in Asia. Idukki is one of the districts in the state where linguistic minority exists. The linguistic minority consists mainly of Tamil origin. They are mainly workers in the tea and cardamom plantations, spread in Peermade, Udumbanchola and Devikulam taluks. The district is highly heterogeneous in the matter of its people in their culture, climate, cropping pattern, physiographic features etc.

[/url][Image: 12651201_1091638367534451_39725206401445...e=5727CBD8]

[Image: 12573661_1092037220827899_87458502995775...e=576FB08D]

[Image: 1044563_1092515980780023_463042489933268...e=5726D194]
                                       Ashley Bangalow Kuttikanam

[Image: 12552790_1091508094214145_56498874130310...e=573FC6DB]

[Image: 12573918_1091041510927470_41226631440440...e=5734D368]

[Image: 12540890_1090322360999385_83063531032265...e=5734A1D0]
                                            Waterfalls near Vagamon
[Image: 12507595_1089153911116230_62598042365780...e=57378CF0]

[Image: 12592418_1088583781173243_22076163177587...e=57431C67]
                                   Vagamon Medows

[Image: 12473640_1087867197911568_7956312137040249994_o.jpg]
[Image: 12540515_1087873111244310_66522068444203...e=572AEE16]
[Image: 12509080_1087873347910953_39627062498298...e=573ADEF6]
[Image: 12439150_1087873087910979_29458827899760...e=5726B35B]

[Image: 9568_1087668867931401_441225336515624221...e=574289A0]


[Image: 12507375_1087351524629802_35948194436345...e=57259D10]
               Ayyappancovil Temple

[Image: 12417613_1086782634686691_81195173618279...e=5742EB29]
[Image: 988314_10200638271899309_1660609401_n.jp...e=57387AFB]
                                      Ayyappancovil bridge

[url=https://www.facebook.com/1085816144783340/photos/a.1085817864783168.1073741825.1085816144783340/1085817871449834/?type=3][Image: 12522911_1085817871449834_49049334394457...e=5732189C]
                               Idukki Dam-Second largest Arch dam in Asia

And many more interesting locations are waiting you.

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